abacaxi, pronounced uh-bah-ka-shee, is the Portuguese word for pineapple. In many cultures, the pineapple is a symbol of happiness or hospitality. abacaxi was created with the philosophy that wearing beautiful, handcrafted pieces that are imbued with history lead to a happier and more inspired wearer.


Industry weary and full of vision, Chantale and Krystalrae became fast friends after meeting at a New York City trim store one weekend in 2008. The designers became cheerleaders for each other's eponymous clothing lines, often commiserating on the difficulties of walking the entrepreneurial path alone. What began as monthly coffee dates to brainstorm, sketch, and hold each other accountable as entrepreneurs, evolved to become Chan + Krys, officially launched in 2015.

Made By Malyia

Made by Malyia is a jewelry and lifestyle brand founded in 2014 by Malyia McNaughton. Malyia often draws inspiration from the architecture and pulse of her hometown, NewYork City. African culture, indigenous tribal adornment, and nature have also inspired her collections.


NIKKI RA is our in-house womenswear brand infusing classic lines, contemporary details and textures to develop essential pieces for effortless wardrobe building.


Designed to “court the skin” and flirt with the air. PM Fragrances initiates and carries its conversation with eloquence. PM Founder and perfumer Chavalia treats each composition as an alluring intriguing song that takes the wearer on a unique, unforgettable journey.